Diesel Engine Generator – Easy Ways to Maintain It

If you own a diesel engine generator that is either purchased as brand new or fairly used, no doubt, you should be interested in maintaining it so that it can serve its purpose whenever it is called to duty. This is quite an investment as diesel engine generators never come cheap when compared to the cost of petrol engine generators. Hence, a good reason to have it well-maintained.

As you may already know, diesel engine generator requires less maintenance due to their durability, reliability and their sturdiness characteristic. They are considered cheaper to operate due to the low fuel costs as compared to the other types of fuels.

However, the best generator maintenance practice is following the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer of the generator, to ensure maximum service time for the generator and proper operation when it is called upon to provide power. Having a well-designed and well-maintained standby power system is the best protection against utility power outages.

The preventive maintenance tips for the diesel generator that guarantees uninterrupted power supply that is safe and consistent for all the needs intended-for  include the following aspects:

  1. Lubrication Service

The engine oil must be checked while the generator is in shut-down mode at regular intervals using a dipstick. Keep the oil level as near as possible to the full mark on the dipstick (never beyond the set gauge) by adding the same quality and brand of oil. The oil and filter must also be changed at acclaimed time intervals. Standby diesel generators, for example, need to be serviced at every 150hrs-200hrs on average. However, if the generator is used constantly, the hours go up much quicker and at more regular intervals. Hence, there exists a need to ensure your generator’s running hour counter is fully functional.

  1. Fuel System

The fuel filters should be drained at the designated intervals because of the water vapour that accumulates and condenses in the fuel tank. Preventive maintenance should include a regular general inspection that includes checking the coolant level, oil level, fuel system, and starting system. Since the fuel quality here in Nigeria cannot always be guaranteed, installing Fuel-Water Separator, Fuel Filters and additional filtration system to protect the sensitive fuel injection system; is a good investment to enhance the performance of your generator.

  1. Cooling System

Check the coolant level during shutdown periods at the specified interval. Remove the radiator cap after allowing the engine to cool, and, if necessary, add sufficient amount of coolant. Inspect the exterior of the radiator for obstructions, and remove all dirt or foreign material with a soft brush or cloth with caution to avoid damaging the fins. Occasionally, use low-pressure compressed air or a stream of water in the opposite direction of normal air flow to flush the radiator, thus reducing tendencies for generator overheating.

  1. Testing Battery

Weak or undercharged starting batteries are a common cause of standby power system failures. The battery must be kept fully charged and well-maintained to avoid dwindling by regular testing and inspection to know the current status of the battery and avoid any start-up hitches of the generator. They must also be cleaned, and terminal head properly tightened to avoid partial contact.

  1. Exhaust System

In case there are leaks along the exhaust line which usually occurs at the connection points – the welds and the gaskets; they should be repaired immediately by a qualified technician.

  1. Clean Diesel Generator

Oil drips and other issues are easy to spot and take care of when the engine is nice and clean. Visual inspection can guarantee that hoses and belts are in good condition. Frequent checks can keep plastics, cans, nylons and other nuisances from nesting in your equipment. So if your hired diesel generator technician does not usually tidy up your generator after each scheduled maintenance service to keep it sightly, you may consider a change. It’s part of his job.

While the do-it-yourself approach may not be out of place if you have a fair technical knowledge, it is usually best to contract an honest qualified technician for your routine maintenance service. There are not many such honest, qualified professionals around town, but they sure exist. Most of these tips can be appropriately performed qualitatively in no time by qualified technicians or maintenance service firms. Always be sure you get the best of any diesel generator service provider you hire.


Before You Buy that Diesel Engine Generator


Power shouldn’t be a luxury. It should be an essential basic need for the citizenry. Virtually all facets of our lives revolve around electricity. From cooking, refrigerating, heating, entertainment, to more economically lucrative endeavors as production, manufacturing, health care etc. No doubt, human need for electricity cannot be overstated.

Unfortunately, the state of electricity in Nigeria has left many Nigerians hopelessly looking to the government for the provision of constant power supply. It has further increased the populaces’quest for providing their own energy needs via other means, thus seeing traditional supply of electricity as a backup to their private provision.

With the urgent need for power, the most likely alternative has been the use of generators. Readily available are the petrol and diesel engine generators. While petrol engine generators may be more appropriate for private individuals with light domestic load demands, businesses and private home owners with larger equipment and appliances will rely more on diesel engine generators for better, longer-lasting performances.

For the sake of heavy energy demand users and businesses who are considering alternatives for public supply of electricity, this article will guide you through the pros n corns of buying a diesel engine generator for your energy needs.

  • Getting an Appropriate Capacity Generator: Depending of the size of your loads (Lighting, Power, ACs, Heaters, Refrigerators, Machineries, and other Equipments), the cumulative sum of these wattages must be taken, to determine a suitable capacity generator considered for purchase, usually from about 10KVA – 2000KVA. It is also good to put into consideration future expansion and likely additional energy requirement. This will definitely require consulting a professional for his input and advice.
  • What brand of Diesel Generators to Purchase:  There are different brands of diesel engine makers, each with varying degree of acceptability and ruggedity. The Perkins, Lister Petter, FG Wilson, John Deere, Cummins, Karma, Caterpillar, Lombardini etc. are all recommended brands depending on your preference. All of these have spares and working parts readily available in the Nigerian market.
  • Purchase a Brand New or Fairly Used Diesel Generator: In every circumstance, purchasing a brand new generator is both economically and environmentally advisable. For the first few years depending on the service agreement reached, you stand a chance to enjoy considerable warranty on the purchase, and a generator in good working condition and optima performance, which requires no major repairs, besides the routine maintenance services. However, budget friendly purchases also exist for those desiring a fairly used diesel generator. To get the purchase right though, ensure that a professional does a thorough assessment of the generator’s condition.
  • Red Lights in Purchase of Fairly Used Diesel Generators
    • Bad Engine Sound
    • Extended Usage (Running Hours)
    • Reworked Engine Block
    • Multiple Previous Overhaul
  • Green Lights in Purchase of Diesel Generators
    • Good Engine Sound
    • Fair Usage (Running Hours)
    • Good condition of Engine Block
    • Zero or Less Engine Overhaul

In all cases, ensure you do due diligence at hiring honest, professional consultants before going ahead to do the purchase. There are not many such honest professionals around. But they sure exist.

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