Before You Buy that Diesel Engine Generator


Power shouldn’t be a luxury. It should be an essential basic need for the citizenry. Virtually all facets of our lives revolve around electricity. From cooking, refrigerating, heating, entertainment, to more economically lucrative endeavors as production, manufacturing, health care etc. No doubt, human need for electricity cannot be overstated.

Unfortunately, the state of electricity in Nigeria has left many Nigerians hopelessly looking to the government for the provision of constant power supply. It has further increased the populaces’quest for providing their own energy needs via other means, thus seeing traditional supply of electricity as a backup to their private provision.

With the urgent need for power, the most likely alternative has been the use of generators. Readily available are the petrol and diesel engine generators. While petrol engine generators may be more appropriate for private individuals with light domestic load demands, businesses and private home owners with larger equipment and appliances will rely more on diesel engine generators for better, longer-lasting performances.

For the sake of heavy energy demand users and businesses who are considering alternatives for public supply of electricity, this article will guide you through the pros n corns of buying a diesel engine generator for your energy needs.

  • Getting an Appropriate Capacity Generator: Depending of the size of your loads (Lighting, Power, ACs, Heaters, Refrigerators, Machineries, and other Equipments), the cumulative sum of these wattages must be taken, to determine a suitable capacity generator considered for purchase, usually from about 10KVA – 2000KVA. It is also good to put into consideration future expansion and likely additional energy requirement. This will definitely require consulting a professional for his input and advice.
  • What brand of Diesel Generators to Purchase:  There are different brands of diesel engine makers, each with varying degree of acceptability and ruggedity. The Perkins, Lister Petter, FG Wilson, John Deere, Cummins, Karma, Caterpillar, Lombardini etc. are all recommended brands depending on your preference. All of these have spares and working parts readily available in the Nigerian market.
  • Purchase a Brand New or Fairly Used Diesel Generator: In every circumstance, purchasing a brand new generator is both economically and environmentally advisable. For the first few years depending on the service agreement reached, you stand a chance to enjoy considerable warranty on the purchase, and a generator in good working condition and optima performance, which requires no major repairs, besides the routine maintenance services. However, budget friendly purchases also exist for those desiring a fairly used diesel generator. To get the purchase right though, ensure that a professional does a thorough assessment of the generator’s condition.
  • Red Lights in Purchase of Fairly Used Diesel Generators
    • Bad Engine Sound
    • Extended Usage (Running Hours)
    • Reworked Engine Block
    • Multiple Previous Overhaul
  • Green Lights in Purchase of Diesel Generators
    • Good Engine Sound
    • Fair Usage (Running Hours)
    • Good condition of Engine Block
    • Zero or Less Engine Overhaul

In all cases, ensure you do due diligence at hiring honest, professional consultants before going ahead to do the purchase. There are not many such honest professionals around. But they sure exist.

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