spannastech director's statement

Director’s Statement Part. 2

As you know, electricity supply as an economic infrastructure is indispensable to a nation’s economic development. The efficiency of supply of electricity will not only influence return on investment in existing enterprise, but will also play a major role in creation of an economic environment which influence decisions and potential movements.


Hence, at Spannas Technical Services (STS), we recognize the need of keeping your business afloat and ensure your domestic and personal comfort. We offer sales, installation, and maintenance of industrial/domestic power generating sets. Your privately owned power generating sets, air conditioners, electrical challenges, general technical issues, and equipment diagnosis can be well cared-for by our well-trained and highly-motivated technical crews. Armed with the requisite technical know-how and modern equipment, we assure the most desired quality technical services, with our insistence on quality service parts at all time, when required.

This way, we care!

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