Diesel Engine Generators – Best Procedures for Routine Maintenance

Generator maintenance services are a necessity to ensuring the performance and longevity of the service life of your generator. When this is the done right, your generator will serve longer and perform optimally when required.

Hence, be sure that your generator technician does the following before and after the the servicing of your generator:

Prior to commencing diesel generator servicing, your technician must:

  1. Check oil gauge
  2. Check water level in the radiator
  3. Check running hours
  4. Check air filter
  5. Check Turbo Charger
  6. Start and run the engine

After the conclusion of diesel generator servicing, your technician must:

  1. Check Oil pressure
  2. Observe the engine smoke
  3. Listen to engine sound
  4. Check battery voltage
  5. Check frequency and speed (R.P.M)
  6. Check carefully for any fluid leakage
  7. Check engine vibration

This routine will ensure that the generator is not used for prolong time in a severe fault condition. Allowing the gen set run for a short time lets the oil move through the system and heats up in the process, thus allowing for easier draining from the oil sump, and subsequent replacement with newer good quality oil and filters. Thereafter, the generator is observed to ensure all parameters are intact for optimal performance.

Early observation of any potential fault condition can be quickly spotted, diagnosed, and corrected to avoid any impending downtime.