spannas technical service

Director’s Statement Part 1

Here at Spannas Technical Services (STS), we are a team delighted to offer professional engineering and technical maintenance services in the electromechanical industry. This sector world-wide employs hundreds of thousands of person with technical skills internationally. Hence, we see an opportunity for further job creation here in Nigeria with our business model.

With a population of nearly 800 million and currently growing at a rate of 2.47% (World Fact Book), and a country with the biggest economy in the African continent, Nigeria is primed to become an engineering and manufacturing hub that indeed requires technical maintenance services.

Recently, the government is energetically promoting home-grown businesses. Much effort is now concentrated at supporting local business. Hence, a rapid surge in the number of newly established business in the manufacturing, production, hospitality & leisure, and financial sector. This no doubt will contribute to national GDP and development.

However, in the wake of all this effort, energy continues to remain an obstacle that bedevils our nation. Currently, power production in Nigeria is about 2500-3500MW. This is available to just 36% of the populace connected to the national power grid. (Oando – US African Infrastructure Congress. Washington DC, 2008). Of course, for a fast growing economy, electricity is a sure means to staying afloat in business and fro personal comfort. Unfortunately, Nigeria unreliable power sector has given rise to widespread private provision of electricity usually referred to as “captive power” (Electricity and Demand Statistics). About 2500MW of self-generated power comes from diesel/petrol power generating sets. These in most cases, have been the response to irregular public power supply